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eSafe recognizes the enormous challenges of internet safety in wake of the explosion of internet accessibility via mobile devices. Internet today permeates personal and professional lives of a number of children and youth as they constantly bounce between online possibilities and perils in wake of fading online and offline boundaries.

Children and young people are truly becoming digital citizens in an online world. They need to be aware of some of the potentially negative aspects of the technologies. Harmful activities can include bullying and harassment, identity theft and online abuse (such as children seeing harmful and illegal content, or being exposed to grooming for sexual purposes, or the production, distribution and collection of child abuse material).


Dear Participant,

        Warmest greetings from Dubai!! As we gather for another year, I extend a heartfelt welcome to the eSafe 2nd International Conference, themed "Students Well-being in Physical and Virtual World”.

In alignment with the steadfast commitment of the UAE leadership to safeguarding children from online risks, this international conference serves as a crucial platform for government bodies, private sector organizations, and educational institutions to unite their efforts in ensuring the well-being of our youth.

Today's children navigate a world that exists both online and offline. With more youngsters accessing the internet from an early age, it is paramount to address the growing array of online threats. Together, we must explore ways to minimize potential harm and simultaneously empower our children for learning, engagement, innovation, and creativity.

We believe in proactive engagement with our young digital citizens, listening to their concerns, understanding their vulnerabilities, and forging strong partnerships with all stakeholders. Our commitment remains unwavering - to create a secure, enriching digital environment for our children.

I eagerly anticipate our gathering at the conference, where we will benefit from the wisdom of distinguished guest speakers and enjoy valuable networking opportunities.

Eng. Adel Salem Alkaff Al Hashmi
eSafe Conference Chairman
15th November, 2023


Dr. Abdulla Mohamed Al Mehyas

Chairman - Emirates Safer Internet Society

Eng. Adel Salem Alkaff Al Hashmi

Chairman - eSafe Conference &
Vice Chairman - Emirates Safer Internet Society

Yaser Saeed Al Fulaiti

Board Member & General Secretary

Mohamed Jumaa Al Jneibi

Board Member & Treasurer


Jayesh Sebastian

eSafe Conference Director,
Tachyon Group MD & CEO

Sanjana Bhardwaj

Social Policy Expert,eSafe Advisor,
CIS Affiliated Consultant - Student Wellbeing: Protection, Safety and Security

Dr. Addel Omar Al Ameri

Vice President, Strategy & Excellence, Higher Colleges of Technology

Dr. Najla Alnaqbi

e-Learning & Educational Expert
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